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In an effort to get the views of elected School Board members to the residents of municipalities in the Kiski Area School District, asked each board member (no later than 5/6/13) for their response to the items listed below. They understand they will get to review their answers before publication on Kiski-Area-Info, and that site visitors will be able to submit ideas and questions to them through the site.

These do not seem to be difficult questions. Based on conversations with board members, I might be able to answer some questions on their behalf. But it is important to let them speak for themselves and communicate how they intend to accomplish the effective management of Kiski Area School District and engage in meaningful dialog with residents.


  • Keith Blayden
  • Elizabeth Kovach has responded to some of the questions in writing and we will wait for a full response.

Others have indicated a willingness to respond; some have indicated they may decline to respond.

The Questions

Each board member and candidate received the following in writing:

Why you chose to run for school board?

There must be a reason why members of the community choose to devote a lot of their time to this function. Passion? Experience? Some have been school board members for several years. With experience, has their reason for continuing changed?

What you consider to be the most important issues for KASD going forward now that the building projects are identified.

For better or worse, the building programs are pretty much a done deal. Buildings are being eliminated or updated to match the changed enrollment patterns.

Every current member has served on the board for at least a year. In a recent Valley News Dispatch article, the Region I candidates discussed some issues. Residents are likely to offer some relevant suggestions given the chance to know the issues facing the board.

School District projects and/or programs in which you are personally interested.

This might be a general item, a specific item, or several items. In conversations with current members, I hear things like incorporating more technology in the curriculum, involvement with legal requirements at the legislative level, and involvement in building projects.


What formal training are they bringing to the task.

Vocational background.

This is a chance for them to let us know who they are and how their vocational and/or personal experience adds value to the task.

Contacting School Board Members

The Kiski Area School Board now provides a way for you to contact them through the Board Secretary.

This is an opportunity for you to communicate an idea or improvement directly to the board.

The instructions on the KASD website are shown below. Notice that you need to include your name. Otherwise your email or letter will not be accepted and passed to the School Board members.

To access the page with the instructions, follow this link. Scroll down the page until you find the instructions.

Please put your brain in gear before sending off a message. If you are upset about something, you are most likely to get your point across with a calm, well thought out comment.

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Please note that 2 polling locations have changed.

If you voted at the Municipal Building, you will now vote at the Washington Twp Fire Hall.

If you voted at the elementary school, you will now vote at the Municipal Building.

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