School Board Elections - 2015

In 2015, five seats on the Kiski Area School Board are up for election. These seats are for the normal 4 year term.


If you are not familiar with the legislative layout of the Kiski Area School District, click here for more detail.

Currently these seats are occupied by Keith Blayden representing Region I, Ann Marie Nagy and Tammy Smail representing Region II, and Julie Hansen and Jim Summerville representing Region III. Blayden and Summerville are not running for re-election. Hansen, Nagy and Smail are running for re-election and will appear on the ballot for their districts.

Three new candidates will be on the ballot – Cassi Heinle for Region I , Michelle Ann Schmidt for Region II, and Ronald V. Coleman Sr for District III.

Barring an upset by a write-in candidate, Hansen will be retained as a school director, and Heinle and Coleman will be elected as school directors.

The election will be held Tuesday, November 3rd.

Sample Ballots for November 3, 2015 

Sample ballots for each polling place can be examined for Westmoreland County residents and for Armstrong County residents using the links below. Once the link opens, locate the polling place where you vote and open the ballot.

    Armstrong County Sample Ballots

    Westmoreland County Sample Ballots

If you have any questions or concerns about voting or the election process, please visit the Armstrong County Elections website or the Westmoreland County Elections website for additional information.

About the School Board Candidates

None of the candidates has provided personal or professional information related to being on the school board.

As listed on the ballot:

Region I

This region consists of Allegheny Township as well as residents of Washington Township who vote at the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Company. One candidate is registered for the one open position:

Cassi Heinle - Resident of Allegheny Township. Not currently a board member.

Region II

This district includes Avonmore Borough, Bell Township, Oklahoma Borough, and Washington Township (except those residents who vote at the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Company - see Region I). Three candidates are registered for the two school director positions:

Ann Marie Nagy - Resident of Bell Township. Current board member running for re-election.

Michelle Ann Schmidt - Resident of Washington Township. Not currently a board member.

Tammy Smail - Resident of Washington Township. Current Vice President of the school board running for re-election.

Region III

This district includes East Vandergrift Borough, Hyde Park Borough, Parks Township, and Vandergrift Borough. Two candidates are registered for the two school director positions:

Ronald V. Coleman Sr - Resident of Parks Township.  Not currently a board member.

Julie Sheaffer Hansen - Resident of Vandergrift. Current board member running for re-election.

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Please note that 2 polling locations have changed.

If you voted at the Municipal Building, you will now vote at the Washington Twp Fire Hall.

If you voted at the elementary school, you will now vote at the Municipal Building.

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Updated Oct 20, 2015