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Keith Blayden

Currently, Keith Blayden is President of the Kiski Area School Board and sits on the Finance Committee. He was one of the participants in the most recent teacher contract negotiations. A resident of Allegheny Township, he represents the people of Region I of the district.

Several years ago I had an opportunity to listen as he described his intentions as a member of the board.  Things like controlling contract costs. For some reason he is not willing to describe his current views by responding to the questions posed by So it is not clear why he chose to run for school director, what he views as important issues, or the projects and programs in which he takes personal interest.

According to his public profile, Blayden is a facility manager for Bayer Health Care and a graduate of Penn State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. A 1986 graduate of Kiski Area, he was elected the senior class president. If you are unable to obtain contact information in the local phone directory, you can always google his name or google - white pages keith blayden.

In an email response to our request, he indicated that he does not support this site - therefore he is not going to respond to the questions. Because Blayden is unwilling to make his views public, will not provide a mechanism to forward questions or suggestions by readers. This is unfortunate, since it shuts off possible dialog with the residents who elected him.

Since he is board president, his response is not surprising since dialog and input from residents seem to be a low priority for the board. Notice that this is the only local board that does not publish a phone number and email address of the each school director.

Perhaps your concerns and input just don't matter.


Declined to respond.

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Updated Sep 10, 2013