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The current employment contract (agreement) between Kiski Area School District (KASD) and the Kiski Area Education Association (KAEA/PSEA/NEA) went into effect on August 25, 2008. The original agreement was to expire on August 25, 2013, but has since been extended for 2 years.

Two of the current board members, Keith Blayden and Robert Keibler, were on the school board negotiating team.

Who is covered by the agreement?

KAEA represents teachers, home and school visitors, librarians, dental hygienists, school counselors, and nurses. However, all supervisors, first level supervisors, and confidential employees are excluded from this agreement.

NOTE: At this time, Kiski-Area-Info has not determined if supervisors and administrators are covered by a contract or if each position is uniquely set. Also, it is not clear what is meant by confidential employees.

What is covered?

The agreement covers:

  • wage and salary provisions
  • benefits
  • extracurricular activities
  • days, hours and conditions of employment
  • grievance procedure

Each of the above is detailed in a separate appendix of the agreement. In addition, the agreement defines the rules for discussions, rights, job security, and seniority.

Appendix A: Wage and Salary Provisions

To represent different pay levels, employment contracts generally have a salary table with steps or levels identified; levels to define years of service or classifications. In this agreement, a step defines 1 year of service. One of the odd things about the salary table is the way in which the "steps" are organized. Most of us expect the lowest numbered step to be the bottom step. For example, we would expect Step 1 to be the lowest step, step 2 the next step, and so forth until the top step is reached. Not so in this agreement. Step 16 is the lowest step (it is 16 steps from the top step). Step 1 is one step removed from the top step.

Starting pay for teachers is a common topic when discussing budgets and taxes. And most people have no idea what the numbers really are.

Appendix B: Benefits

Each employee covered by this contract has access to a PPO Blue group health care plan. Currently, individual coverage is $40 per month and coverage with dependents is $70 per month. An employee who opts out of the coverage receives $2400 for the year.

Dental care is provided to an annual maximum of $1000.

A Vision Plan, through the PSEA, is optional and can be purchased by the employee.  If selected, Kiski Area pays $10.17 per month toward the cost of the plan.

Group life insurance is provided equal to the base annual salary to a maximum of $50,000.

Several questions need to be resolved in this area:

  • The cost to Kiski Area School District for each participant in the plan
  • What providers were given the opportunity to bid for the health and vision plans

An extended, more comprehensive healthcare plan is available provided the employee pays the difference in the cost of the plans.

Rules regarding leaves of absence are also included in this appendix.

Appendix C: Extracurricular Activities

This details the amounts paid for activities deemed to go beyond the normal duties of employees covered by this contract. It is primarily a list of positions (for example, head coach) and the amount paid for the position. It also includes extra duties such as head teacher.

This is an area which budget makers often publicize as a way to trim the budget. Naturally, families with students in these activities do not want these cuts but are offered few alternatives.

Many of these positions can be filled by someone who is not a current employee.

Appendix D: Days, Hours and Conditions of Employment

Much of this appendix details the process of evaluating employees and what the school district expects from each employee.

It also details the work day.

Employees covered by this employment contract are expected to work 7 hours and 40 minutes each day (less 30 minutes for lunch) for 188 days per school year or about 1348 hours per year. By comparison, most professional employees are expected to work 8 hours a day for 240 days per year or 1920 hours per year. This assumes 10 holidays and 10 vacation days.

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